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Blast Hole Liners


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Blast Hole Liners

Product Number: BH-LINERS

The Stemliner™ is a blast hole liner manufactured to withstand the rigors of site installation. Its anti-static additives greatly reduce static build-up.

Stemliner™ is made from high quality material blends. Stemliners have a “V” pocket with a pouch to add weight for easy installation.

For best results either with straight ANFO or blends we recommend adequate priming. Tests run over the years have shown that large high velocity boosters give the best results. Small cast boosters, even 1 pound, can literally get lost in a large diameter hole due to contamination or a poor truck mix.

The Stemliners can help, along with the proper product and adequate priming, to reduce the production of noxious gasses (NOx). Stemliners prevent migration of explosives from the hole due to cracks, water infiltration or other hole imperfections. This can be especially helpful in front row holes that have back break. Stemliners offer significant safety and cost benefits:
-Proven using 100% ANFO in the most difficult conditions
-Significant cost savings and increased blast efficiencies associated with using ANFO versus blends
-Reduction or elimination of NOx smoke
-Reliability in mining operations where performance is essential
-Assurance regarding safety and product quality

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