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Polyethylene Pipe

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Polyethylene Pipe

Product Number: poly-pipe

High density polyethylene plastic pipe (HDPE) delivers exceptional value, unwavering reliability and remarkable advantages over conventional types of piping. HDPE is the safest pipe on the market. Polyethylene pipe is totally inert, unlike PVC and ABS which release toxic fumes on contact with fire. Used as drill hole casing in mining applications.


- Available in straight length, coils, or spools
- Available in diameters of up to 8”
- Comes in black or gray
- Can be customized to any wall thickness
- Available not pressure rated for drill hole casing
- Available with bell ends. No couplings required.
- Pipe : 1/2” - 2” at 75 PSI and 100 PSI is available in CSA and non-CSA


- Long term service life
- Highly resistant to corrosion, abrasion and chemicals
- Softer and more pliable than ABS and PVC pipes
- UV protection allows HDPE to be stored in outside open areas
- Is less likely to crack or splinter in cold conditions
- Significant overall cost savings compared to conventional pipes

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