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Quad Latch Core Barrel H size

Ref: 92-45-500

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Quad Latch Core Barrel H size

Product Number: 92-45-500

Quad-Latch Head Assembly features and benefits:

  1. Greater latching strength
  2. Ideal for drilling in sand and dry conditions
  3. Ideal for drilling in back pressure
  4. More latching surface to reduce the chance of miss-latches

The Quad-Latch head assembly features four (4) fingers used to lock the inner barrel into drilling position. The four finger latching system of the Quad-Latch head assembly provides positive latching with 60% more latching surfaces that other latching systems in the market. This larger latch area and rugged construction allow the assembly to withstand greater force from back-pressure in the hole and impact blows.

The Quad-Latch head assembly is designed with fewer moving parts than other wireline systems, making it ideal for drilling in sandy, abrasive formations and dry conditions. This design features a large open area that is less likely to “sand up around the overshot latching area”, while at the same time allowing for greater flow of drill fluid during drilling operations.

The overshot tool functions without “external triggering hardware”. The overshot features a step type mechanism to retrieve the inner barrel from the drilling position. The four Quad-Latch fingers cannot be released until the overshot tool compresses them for inner barrel recover, thus, ultimately reducing the chances of a miss-latch.

Usage guidelines:

  1. Quad Latch must be loaded with a loading sleeve to avoid damaging the lips seals.
  2. Close fingers when loading Quad Latch head assembly in the hole. This stops the piston from pushing downward, which prohibits the water flow through the head assembly. Thus forcing the water to flow on to the lip seals.
  3. When Quad-latch is latched in the locking coupling the fingers open allowing the water pressure to push the piston downward. This opens up the water ways allowing water to flow through the inside of the head assembly down to the bit.
  4. When you turn the water off the piston springs back allowing the fingers to squeeze together and receive the overshot
  5. The quad latch is also features a an shaft and locking nut adapter which allows for greater adjustment over conventional head assemblies to the length of your head and inner tube assembly. This ensures your inner tube is positioned tightly to the bit and you have the best opportunity for full core recovery.

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