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Product Number: 420-55

BESTOLIFE “3010”® ULTRA was developed to address environmental concerns related to the use of thread compounds for rotary shouldered connections that contain high levels of heavy metals, such as lead, copper and zinc. It is a development of the proven BESTOLIFE “3000”® formulation with enhanced low temperature application properties designed for use in the coldest, wettest operating conditions , such as encountered in the North Sea, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, the South Atlantic, Alaska and Sakhalin Island.

BESTOLIFE “3010”® ULTRA has the ability to prevent galling of contact surfaces (including non-magnetic materials) under high bearing loads and to form a continuous gasket between the shoulders of a rotary connection during make-up. This is achieved through the innovative combination of a variety of amorphous and synthetic graphite based materials, as first used in “3000”®, interacting to form a seal when compressed between the shoulders during make-up to provide performance properties equal to the very best heavy metals compounds. This gasket like seal prevents connection wash-out, even under high internal fluid pressures and the combine loading of directional drilling, to provide maximum protection in the toughest conditions.

BESTOLIFE “3010”® ULTRA applies easily to cold wet connections exposed to seawater in ambient temperatures as low as -49° F/ -45° C and yet provides optimum protection in the deepest, hottest holes. The grease in BESTOLIFE 3010® ULTRA will provide lubrication and protection to 400° F/ 204° C and the solids will protect to 1000° F/538° C.

Packaging and Storage

BESTOLIFE “3010”® ULTRA is supplied in 35 lbs plastic pails.

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