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Premium Lube

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Premium Lube

Product Number: 9410004

TIME PREMIUM LUBE is based on technology designed to minimize environmental impact. Our Premium Lube reduces the amount of torque and drag, therefore the operator can use the drill rig to its maximum potential because steering control is precise and thrusts and pulls are at a minimum.

TIME Premium Lube additive mixes instantly and is not affected by water quality. To develop rod protection and reduce torque after drilling has started, consideration must be given to the number of rods and amount of fluid in the hole.

- Reduces torque
- Prevents rust and scale
- Environmentally safe
- Increases penetration rates
- Extends bit and mud motor life
- Increases mud motor efficiency
- Reduces wear on rods and equipment
- Maximizes rig potential and steering control
- Enhances the effectiveness of powdered drilling fluid additives

Packaging and Storage

TIME Premium Lube is supplied in 5 gal/18.9 L pails and 55 gal drums. Store in a well-ventilated area away from sources of heat or ignition.

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