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Liquid Mud Plus

Ref: 9410012

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Liquid Mud Plus

Product Number: 9410012

LIQUID MUD PLUS is a 50 % active synthetic polymer developed for use in freshwater and saltwater base drilling fluids. It is a unique dispersion grade liquid PHPA that resists freeze/thaw degradation and phase separation.


Viscosity - Liquid Mud Plus viscosifies rapidly and exhibits excellent hole-cleaning characteristics under low shear rates. It allows for easy solids deposition in settling pits when used in core drilling. Shale Stabilization/Inhibition - Liquid Mud Plus, alone or in conjunction with KCl or substitutes, is used to stabilize active shales by encapsulating the drilled cuttings and inhibiting formation swelling. Foam Enhancement - Liquid Mud Plus creates thicker, stronger drill foams improving the fluid’s cuttings-carrying capacity and resisting water inflows. Flocculant - Liquid Mud Plus acts as a flocculant at .01-.05 ppb (.03-0.14 kg/m).


- Concentrated polymer content
- Stabilizes clay, shale and mudstone formations
- Compatible with most drilling fluids additives
- Excellent all-round lubricant
- Can be used with foam to help stabilize loose formations and improve cuttings carrying
- Longer shelf life than other liquid polymers
- Improves core recovery

Packaging and Storage

Liquid Mud Plus is supplied in 5 gal/18.9 L pails.

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