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DRY MUD RD polymer is a readily dispersible, high molecular weight polymer designed to provide cuttings encapsulation and shale stabilization. It is formulated for easy mixing with improved dispersion to eliminate “fish eyes.” TIME DRY MUD RD also acts as a viscosifier, friction reducer and flocculant. It can be used in mud systems ranging from low solids to weighted muds, utilizing makeup waters from fresh to saltwater, with improved dispersion to eliminate “fish eyes”.


- Readily dispersible and does not form “fish eyes”
- Excellent cuttings encapsulation that limits cuttings dispersion
- Improved shale stabilization.
- Aids in preventing balling on the bit, stabilizers and bottom-hole assembly by coating and lubricating solids.
- Enhances the removal of drill solids.


Dry Mud RD provides excellent cuttings encapsulation and improved wellbore stability. Typical concentrations are 0.25 to 1 lb/bbl (0.71 to 2.85 kg/m3). It is also effective in salt muds, such as KCl– or NaCl– enhanced fluids, although slightly higher concentrations may be required.

Dry Mud RD may be used in clear-water, solids-free drilling fluids. Dry Mud RD enhances solids removal by flocculating low gravity solids and increasing viscosity while providing cuttings encapsulation and improved wellbore stability.

Dry Mud RD extends bentonite to increase viscosity, flocculates drill solids for more efficient removal and encapsulates cuttings while improving wellbore stability.

Dry Mud RD can be used in weighted fluids for cuttings encapsulation, improved wellbore stability, viscosity and improved filter cake integrity. Viscous Dry Mud RD sweeps are effective for periodic hole cleaning to help clear accumulated cuttings and maintain a clean hole.

Method of Addition

Dry Mud RD can be mixed directly into the active mud system or premixed at higher concentrations in a separate pit or chemical barrel, then blended into the active system. Sweeps may be prepared by mixing Dry Mud RD directly in the active system at the suction pit or by premixing a high concentration in a separate pit and allowing the polymer to fully yield before being pumped.

Packaging and Storage

Dry Mud RD is supplied in 55 lb/22.7 kg, multi-wall, paper sacks, 5 gal/18.9-L pails, and 1 kg plastic bottles.

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