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Drill Thinner

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Drill Thinner

Product Number: 9410026

DRILL THINNER is a phosphate-free, thermally-stable thinner and dispersing agent. It acts quickly to break up mud rings and clay deposits on the bottom-hole assembly (BGA). Drill Thinner is also very effective at controlling drilling fluid viscosity in water-based drilling fluids


Drill Thinner is primarily used to prevent bit balling, mud rings and to control drilling fluid viscosity. It also breaks down reactive clays that have caused stuck pipe.

- Drill Thinner disperses clays and quickly penetrates sticky clays that may cause stuck tools
- Works quickly to alleviate hole problems and reduce costly pulling times or lost pipe

Method of Addition

Bit balling/mud rings: ½ quart (1/2 L) per 300 gal (1,135 L) of fluid up to ½ to 1 ½ gal (1.9 to 5.7 L) per 300 gal (1,135 L) of fluid. May also be added in 1 quart (1 L) increments on connections. Thinning: Slowly add Drill Thinner to the mud system as needed to reduce viscosity

Packaging and Storage
Drill Thinner is packaged in 5 gal/18.9 L pails.

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