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Liquid Gilsonite

Ref: 9410037

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Liquid Gilsonite

Product Number: 9410037

LIQUID GILSONITE is an environmentally acceptable liquid gilsonite dispersion which has been formulated for water-based drilling fluids as a shale stabilizer/lubricant. It can also be used when drilling through other unconsolidated formations. LIQUID GILSONITE seals the micro-fractures and stabilizes the formation while reducing the dynamic fluid loss.

Method of Addition

An initial treatment of 2 – 5% by volume (7-17.5 lb/bbl) is recommended to achieve optimum results. It can be added at the hopper or directly to the tanks.


Liquid Gilsonite is formulated to be used in most water-base systems and is therefore extremely effective in lignosulfonate, potassium and PHPA polymer mud systems. The readily dispersible nature of the product allows high concentrations to be added easily to the mud system.


- Improved wellbore stability and shale inhibition and lubricity
- Improved high-temperature filtration control
- Reduced bit balling, even in clays
- Reduced filter-cake buildup in depleted sands
- Excellent environmental acceptability.

Packaging and Storage

Liquid Gilsonite is supplied in 5 gal/18.9 L pails.

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