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Rod Grease Plus (+)

Ref: 9410054

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Rod Grease Plus (+)

Product Number: 9410054

ROD GREASE PLUS (+) is the heavyweight of our rod greases. It is a super tacky and a super heavy duty rod grease designed to provide a superb coating of diamond drill rods in the most extreme and demanding surface or underground drilling applications. The super tacky texture guarantees maximum grease adherence and coating of the drill rods. This heavy duty, super tacky grease coat provides unmatched resistance to water washout and centrifugal separation. Rod Grease Plus prevents rod chattering or binding while in the hole and is fortified with excellent rust preventative additives to keep rods in premier condition while in storage. Also features excellent extreme pressure properties and load carrying ability.


Rod Grease Plus (+) is applied to the outside of the drill pipe prior to putting it into the hole. It is ready to go directly out of the pail.


- Drilling efficiencies increases
- Great adhesion under most conditions
- Resistant to hard, saline water
- Thermally stable, extreme pressure resistance
- Can be applied to wet surfaces
- Reduces wear
- Reduces vibration and rotational torque
- Improves productivity
- Protects metal surfaces.

Packaging and Storage

Rod Grease Plus (+) is supplied in 5 gal/18.9 L pails.

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