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ECO Rod Grease

Ref: 9410055

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ECO Rod Grease

Product Number: 9410055

ECO Rod Grease is an environmentally responsible diamond drill rod lubricant. This rod lubricant contains no heavy metals or other harmful or environmentally undesirable additives.

- Exceptional lubricity
- High load carrying capability
- Thermal stability
- Rust protection
- Excellent water washout resistance

ECO Rod Grease is a premium quality diamond drill rod grease. ECO-friendly and environmentally responsible, ECO Rod Grease does not contain any heavy metals or environmentally damaging additives. It significantly reduces the risk of environmental contamination.

ECO Rod Grease uses polymer additives to give the product tacky fibers. These tacky fibers are combined with the innovative overbased calcium sulfonate complex thickener and high-quality base oil. This formulation creates excellent mechanical stability and supreme long lasting adhesion to the drill rod, preventing wipe off. ECO Rod Grease does not contain any of the following harmful additives: antimony, barium, chlorine, lead, copper, graphite, phosphorus, sulfur, zinc.

Packaging and Storage

ECO Rod Grease is supplied in 5 gal/18.9 L pails.

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