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CORE Warrior Dry

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CORE Warrior Dry

Product Number: 9410056

Application: CORE WARRIOR DRY is a high molecular-weight dry polymer designed for cuttings encapsulation and shale stabilization. It is frequently used in core drilling applications as a general polymer product that acts as a viscosifier, friction reducer, flocculant and provides some fluid loss control. It is also formulated for easy mixing and is extremely beneficial for core drilling applications where good mixing equipment is not available.

Method of Addition
Mix CORE Warrior Dry slowly into the active mud system to prevent “fish eyes” or premix at higher concentrations in a separate pit or chemical barrel, then blend into the active mud system.
For sweeps, mix CORE Warrior Dry directly in the active system at the suction pit or premix a high concentration in a separate pit and wait for the polymer to fully yield before pumping.

- Rapidly hydrates
- Excellent cutting encapsulation
- Enhances the removal of drill solids
- Improves shale stabilization
- Can be used in fresh to saline water

Packaging and Storage
CORE Warrior Dry is supplied in 5 gal/18.9 L pails.

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