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Punch-Lok Clamps

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Punch-Lok Clamps

Product Number: punch-lok-clamp

Punch-Lok clamps are available in a variety of materials to suit your needs.

- high strength galvanized carbon steel clamps – satisfy nearly all requirements
- stainless steel clamps – recommended for use in corrosive situations.

Also available: stainless steel clamps, open-clamps, and related tools.

To select clamps:

- Insert fitting into hose.
- Measure the outside diameter of the hose.
- Select the clamp with the next larger inside diameter clamp.
- NB: Do not determine clamp by hose size – different thickness of hose will result in varying outside diameters

Clamps are 5/8” wide
Clamps can also be bought by the carton:
- 1” to 2.25” clamps have 100pcs / carton
- 2.5” to 3.5” and 7” clamps have 50pcs / carton
- 4” to 6” clamps have 25pcs / carton

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