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Airturbo Lamp


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Airturbo Lamp

Product Number: AIRTURBO-LAMP

The Airturbo lamp is BASEEFA certified for use in zones 1 and 2 industrial hazardous areas. It offers a safer alternative to low voltage lighting in dangerously wet conditions or in flammable gases and vapours. Once connected to a suitable air supply, continuous output of high quality general illumination is produced, even under water.

The Airturbo lamp has built-in safety features – an effectively pressurized and purged system, a protective curtain of air from the exhaust ports, instant cut-off of the lamp if the lens is broken and cooling of heat generating components.


- lamp housings are made with a spark free cast brass with a forged brass safety hook, all nickel plated;
- the generator is a compressed air driven turbo-alternator of simple design and robust construction;
- a gun metal impulse turbine wheel produces the energy to power the 12v 55w Tungsten halogen bulb.

55w; 2lux

- Fitted with a Bay Light type head to the generator for around illumination
- Moulded ball glass containing the bulb is surrounded by a protective polycarbonate dome
- Peak luminous intensity at 2.5 m radius

55w; 900lux

- 15mm toughened glass lens for high impact strength and pressure resistance
- Peak luminous intensity at 5m
- Choice of reflectors for light concentration options:
    * Spot Beam utilizes a matt reflector to provide well diffused light (approx 30°); 40 lux
    * Flood Beam utilizes a polished reflector to provide a highly concentrated spot light (approx 4°); 900 lux

Replacement bulbs and filters are available

PLEASE NOTE: TIME recommends and will supply an air filter to ensure efficient running of the lamps and ensure certification; anti-static hoses are required to avoid a dangerous build up of static electricity.

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